Ayurvedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is an ancient science which is both universal and timeless, it is now honoured as one of the most accurate and profound systems of astrology available. The ancient Indian Vedas are in contemporary terms,’holistic’in their approach to all knowledge. Ayurveda (Vedic medicine) and Vedic astrology are closely related branches of Vedic science designed to harmonise ourselves with the greater universe of consciences. Astrology indicates and Ayurveda analyses bodily patterns which consists of the three health tendencies called Doshas or biological humours.

Human ailments can be linked to the outcomes of the gravitational pulls exerted by the planets through rotation and revolution, which is why Astrology has a close relationship with Ayurveda. Astrology is used as a diagnostic tool for Auyrvedic practitioner in the treatment of disease –it provides the understanding of person’s karma which can help the healer optimise their effort.

The astrological chart has the capacity to indicate good or ill health, strong or weak vitality proneness to disease or accident, emotional stability or instability, intellectual soundness or mental insanity. One should not underestimate the role of the planets in causing or indicating disease and suffering in life as well as indicating happiness and well being.

In addition to this Astrology can indicate the timing of disease, so that we can know when we are likely to get sick and can guard ourselves against it. Once we have come down with a disese, Vedic astrology can be an important aid in its prognosis, showing our ability to get well, so that we can know how easily we are likely to recover. In Auyrvedic Astrology, Auyrvedic therapies, like diet and herbs can be used to help balance planetary influences, and Astrological remedial measures, like gem therapy, can help improve our overall health and well being.

Auyrvedic medicine categorises individuals according to which of the three doshas of  Vatha pitha,kapha predominates in  their nature ,in what proportions and to what degree.Vedic astrology classifies people in several  ways but most important is according to the dominant in the birth chart ,with individual types based upon Sun,Moon,Mars,Mercury,Jupiter,Venus,Saturn and the two lunar nodes (Rahu and ketu) .These planetary types are ‘Karmic types ‘,reflecting our overall life-movement and experience.

Nine planetary types are more specific than the three Auyrvedic types and can be used to expand them. Sun, Mars, and ketu are usually pitta types in terms with Ayurveda, but slightly different way.Moon, Jupiter and Venus types are usually Kapha .Saturn, Mercury and Rahu types are usually vata.In some individuals, also two or three planets may be equal in strength, in which case their delineations should be modified accordingly.


The nine planetary types-      

Sun types-
The Sun represents the positive or balanced side of fire energy, Agni and Pitta.Sun type individuals are usually the healthiest of all because of their good digestion, good circulation and the ability to burn away any toxins. Sun types suffer from heat and so do better with cool foods and cool climates.
In youth they largely, people in action rather than words and command a strong presence in world.

Moon types-

Moon type individuals are dominated by the water elements and Kapha dosha in both their build and in their behaviour. Moon types easily accumulate phlegm and mucus. Moon types tend to become heavier and put on weight and water. Moon types have a secondary vatha dosha which contributes to their emotional changeability.

Mars types-

Mars represents the negative side of Pitha dosha and the fire element .While Sun types run hot and dry and maintain a good digestive power, mars types combine heat and dampness, which weakens their digestion and makes them prone to infectious disease. They suffer from excess bile and acid. Their blood runs hot and they easily accumulate toxins. Mars types are perceptive, critical and argumentative .They work well in disciplined groups and like hierarchy and authority.

Mercury Types-

Mercury types represent the healthier side of vatha dosha.Their skin and other bodily secretions are moisturer than other Vatha types, which tend to be dry. They run on the cool side and have sensitive lungs. They are susceptible to allergies, hay fever and bronchial disorders.
Mercury types are usually friendly and talkative, with their strong sense of consideration and their desire to create harmony; they can become excellent doctors and nurses.

Jupiter Types-

Jupiter represents the positive, active or healthy side of the water element and Kapha dosha. Psychologically they are joyful, Jovial and content. Jupiter’s have a strong sense of devotion, are calm minded and usually at peace with in themselves.jupiterians are good in advisory posts. Their weakest organs are pancreas, spleen and liver.

Venus Types-

Venus ones are the best looking of the planetary types, representing the more attractive side of kapha dosha.Venus types usually have good health and longevity and love life. They are strongly social minded and prefer to do things with others, if not for public show. Venus when weak ,causes Kidney or bladder infections or stones in urinary tract.

Saturn types-

They possess typical vatha frames. They are prone to digestive diseases like arthritis or nervous system disorders. However stronger Saturn does give good longevity and the ability to survive disease and hardships. They are serious minded. Higher Saturns types are yogis, ascetics or monks who renounce the world and lower Saturn types may be criminals.

Rahu types-

Rahu types are mainly vatha in their physical and mental traits. They often suffer from insomnia and difficult dreams. They do better working with outiders, with foreigners or foreign countries. They are more prone to emotional imbalance than the other type.

Ketu Types-

Kethu types resemble Mars types, and are usually Pitta in their constitution is strong but with a tendency to toxic blood conditions, skin diseases, ulcers and higher tension.Kethu types are good in research-oriented or investigative roles.

Timing of disease-

The birth chart indicates the basic potential of our life. When these potentials will manifest is dependent upon timing that is reflected through astrological indications. In Vedic Astrology there are three main factors of astrological timing. a) Planetary periods b) Annual charts c) transists.As this the matter of technical astrology. The planetary periods of malefic planets-Saturn, Rahu, Mars and Ketu-tend to cause disease for all charts. More specifically the periods of lords of difficult houses, like6, 8 and 12, have negative health implications. The period of the lord of the first house or Ascendant lord if weak, can also cause disease because events relative to the body, come out during its period.

Annual chart (Varshaphal)-

The solar return, annual chart or Varshaphal in Sanskrit is an important indicator for all the events of the year, including health and happiness.Astrolergs should always examine it in relation to the timing of important issues.

Transits (Gochara)-        

Transits are the current positions of the planets.Transists of malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars or Rahu and Ketu over sensitive points in the chart relative to physical or mental health like the Ascendent,Moon or Sun can cause problems .Unlike Western Astrology, which often looks at transits first, transits in Vedic astrology are employed at a tertiary level, after planetary periods and the annual chart, which itself marks the transits for the year. Yet their influence cannot be ignored. While the general potential must be there in the Dasha system, the transits of or to the Dasha lord(planet ruling the current planetary period) are most important.

(Ref-Dr David Frawley –Auyrvedic Astrology)