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Following secondary adverse effects from Lariam, fluoroquinolone antibiotic, contrast dye and thallium, 15 years ago,  I suffered the following which are directly linked to these drugs:  hypothyroidism, heart attacks, heart failure, imbalances in blood sugar level, hypthyroidism, destroyed metabolic pathways absorbing nutrients, from foods, allergies, MCS, CFS, EMF, failing kidneys, neuropathic pains, toxic hepatitis, malfunciton of pancreas, digestive system, including biliary, bowel motion, motility, muscle spasm incuding in the intestines and rectal, insomnia, extreme weakness, dizziness, brain stem damage, vertigo, imbalance, spatial imbalance, nausea, cognitive dysfunction, brain fog, dyslexia, damage to the optical nerves, floaters, blindness lasting a few seconds, letters jumping up and down and line blur when reading, hyperacusis which is extreme sensitivity to sounds, sensorial neural loss, reactivation of infectious pathogens (antibiotics are know to cause this), fungal infections, mitochondrial dysfunction and well there is more. 

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I have been seeing Dr Champika for over two years now.  In spite of allergies and inability to metbolize most compounds, I was able to take some Ayurvedic compounds as prescribed by Dr Champika.

No longer have failing kidneys, heart failure is not worsening, thyroid blood tests show that the thyroid is now functioning normally, liver enzymes are back to normal, fungal infection on the large toe nail was back to normal within three months, less cognitive dysfunction, and more benefits.

Ayurvedic Medicine is a holistic and integrative approach including nutrition/diet, Ayurvedic compounds, psychological well being, behavior, and self concept, spiritual, mediation, and so forth.  It integrates ll system.

Ayurvedic Medicine takes time to work.  If it takes a bone over a year to heal, how can we expect complex biochemical process at cellylar level to heal in a few weeks?  I takes time and effort and the participation of the patient to achieve true healing on a cellular and molecular level.  Allopathic medicine is far behind in this field.
Keep informed, read up, and protect your health. 

Chantal F, London

I Visited the Auyrvedic clinic as I had problems of acid reflux and indigestion. I took medicines for a month and my symptoms reduced and I felt much better within myself.

Miss Ivana F.

I visited the Auyrvedic clinic for spots, problems with thyroid gland and tiredness. Now I do not have so much spots I used to have, so I believe the cleansing herbs helped me with that. I was able to reduce taking thyroxin from 120g -100g over a 8 months period. I do not feel excessive tiredness as I used to and I found the herb Ashwagandha very helpful.

Miss Marta S.

I was suffering from Perry –menopausal difficulties immensely, when I came to see Dr Champika at the Wimbledon Auyrvedic clinic .Her calm, kind approach relaxed me straight away. She took my pulse and H.B. pressure and it was a lengthy consultation about my diet and life style .I was then given a monthly supply of medication.

I am now in a very comfortable condition and feel relaxed and less emotional and feel so much stronger. I sleep well and eat food according to my constitution which keeps my digestive system well balanced.

I am now on my second month on the same medication –which are powdered herbs that can be easily taken. I feel stronger and happier and am coping well with life’s ups and downs.

Vajira de Silva