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Dr.Champika Gallage is a registered practitioner of Ayurvedic Medical Council Srilanka and the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association UK.She studied Ayurveda medicine in Srilanka and later on also completed Ayurveda studies through IPGT&RA , Gujarat Ayurved University also completed a MD in Alternative Medicines .During her time in Sri Lanka she also became a Director for the Colombo District Ayurvedic Cooperative Society (Sri Lanka) and involved in developmental programmes to support Ayurvedic practitioners in the district.She also studied and practised Vedic astrology for many years.

Dr Champika came to Briton in 2000 and since then has been practised at the Ayurvedic clinic and dispensary in Wimbledon as an Ayurvedic practitioner.At present practices at the Complimentary health clinic in North London. Her passion for Ayurveda and Astrology made an interest on psychological studies which helps us to understand our deepest thoughts and intentions. She under took post graduate studies in applied psychology to broaden her knowledge of psychological deciplines.

Dr Champika Gallage also has the PTTLS teaching qualification and is the founder of Ayurguide academy which provides the gateway to the field of professional Ayurvedic practice through its Diploma course and other short courses and also teaches Pranayama and Vippassana meditation which helps for mental stability and inner balance.Dr Champika also uses pranic healing which helps to open up the patient’s own channels to increase self-healing ability to release the blocked energy or chakras by sending cosmic prana. Her ambition is to guide you to maintain essence of good physical health, inner balance and personal well being according to Ayurvedic principles.

Shinning Souls

By visiting our clinic in North London for a Holistic Ayurvedic Consultation not only do you gain ,lifelong medical wisdom pertinent to yourself, but you are also helping us to uphold the priceless Ayurvedic tradition. We are in a unique position , being helping people as we do not have commercial interests, and therefore we are able to thoroughly educate and enlighten all our patients so you will be able to look after yourself for the rest of your life. Your good thought in wanting to visit our clinic, not only you gain lifelong medical wisdom, but you are also helping us to continue with our aid work carrying out by Shining souls. Shinning Souls is a little attempt of touching the hearts of those who are less privileged in the world. We are putting an effort in lifting lives of selected individuals by supporting in education and training in Ayurveda and meditation but also we are supporting some chosen unprivileged children studying in Sri Lanka .Where possible we are also trying to give a helping hand to those who are in need of health and nutrition. For more information please visit our face book page- ANURÃ-Foundation

‘If you think you are too small to make a difference , try sleeping with a mosquito’ -Dalai Lama