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Ayurvedic Dietary advice:

In Ayurveda foods are classified into six tastes: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent and Astringent. All plantscontains one or more of the basic six tastes. Each ‘taste’ known as ‘Rasa’ in Sanskrit produces biological action within the human body. These specific qualities of ‘Rasa’ helps to balance your constitution or in turn, even aggravate a healthy body.

Ayurvedic dietary advice is also based on factors such as age and gender. It is important to know the food you need to take for an effective digestive process. One can either weaken or strengthen your digestive fire according to your food habits. The proper digestion always depends upon bodily strength and the strength of the body also depends on digestion. When one break down, the other also likely to have become weak. If you are experiencing burping, bloating, gas, belching etc. your digestion is likely to need some assistance.

The Ayurvedic practitioner will assess your condition and will recommend foods and herbs to balance your condition. Ayurveda medicine and diet are complimentary to one another rather than separate.Herbs are used as a vital support to foods and to stimulate digestion and enhance absorption.